Praava Health was founded on the belief that every Bangladeshi deserves world-class quality healthcare, grounded in dignity, respect, and empathy.

We treat everyone equally without any bias or judgment and we strongly condemn discrimination of any kind towards our Patients or our team members. 

As a Patient, you have the right to receive considerate, compassionate, and respectful care, which recognizes your personal values, beliefs, spiritual and cultural practices. 

As a team member, you have the right to equal opportunity based on your talent and experience.

We treat our Patients, community, and team members, regardless of nationality, origin, culture, age, color, race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, familial status, or disabilities.

If as a Patient you or anyone else ever has to come across any unfortunate event, you can immediately call us at 10648 or email us at Our CEO and senior management team personally review your feedback and all such incidents are responded to. Here are all the ways in which you can reach out to us

Bullying, shaming, harassment, victimization, and unlawful discrimination of any kind towards any Patient or team member are taken very seriously by us. Such behavior will be treated as misconduct and appropriate measures will be taken.

Our unwavering commitment is to the service we provide to our community and the support of our team members.  

We hope together we can build a more inclusive community and provide the best healthcare experience for everyone. Indeed, we are stronger, together. 

In good health, 

Praava Health Team

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