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Meet Praava

We are building a healthcare


Our Mission

Praava exists to provide a better patient experience. We are a one-stop-shop for your health, offering caring doctors, world-class diagnostics and much more.

We believe that everyone should have access to convenient, affordable, and high-quality care. 

We are on a mission to change how healthcare is delivered in Bangladesh. We know how daunting getting access to the right care can be which is why we focus on turning a doctor visit into a delightful experience.

Our goal is to make the process intuitive for our patients and provide care where ever you are – in person or at-home.

What sets us apart


Welcoming staff. A state of the art clinic and lab. In-clinic or online support. Personalized care. All that we do with a relentless focus to improve your experience


We provide best-in-class care at a price you can afford. We work hard to reduce our cost, so more Bangladeshis can have access to great care.


Praava uses technology to create a seamless patient experience. We delivered many ‘firsts’ including the first online patient portal, patient app and symptom checker in Bangladesh.


Praava in numbers

Learn more about Bangladesh’s fastest growing healthcare business

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we have 330 corporate customers with 5m+ patients
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Government approved private lab to offer COVID-19 testing

Our Partners

We provide the best healthcare to the best of Bangladesh

Our Management Team

A team with a over 100 years of combined experience in Healthcare and Heath Tech

Sylvana Quader Sinha

Founder, Chairman, & CEO

I founded Praava because I saw a tremendous need for quality healthcare in Bangladesh. I believe positive, systemic change in Bangladesh’s health care sector is as necessary as it is possible.

Dr. Simeen Majid Akhtar

Chief Medical Officer

I am part of Praava’s team because I share its focused vision on quality, and feel passionately about providing quality health care to ensure patient satisfaction.

Keith de Alwis

Chief Technology & Product Officer

I am part of Praava’s team because I truly believe Praava lives and breathes a true patientcentric model of care, which has the opportunity to scale countrywide. If we seize this opportunity, we can positively improve the lives and healthcare outcomes of millions of people across the country.

Dr. Zaheed Husain, Ph.D.

Senior Director, Cancer Diagnostics

I am part of Praava’s team because I want to help bridge the gap between diagnosis and treatment.

Kat Wendelstadt

Chief Growth Officer

I am a part of Praava’s team because I want to create a lasting impact through my work & Praava’s mission to improve healthcare resonates with my wish to work for society’s betterment.

Dr. Faisal Rahman

Medical Services Director

I am part of Praava’s team because we plan to revolutionize healthcare in Bangladesh! Patients are the most central and valuable part of our team.

Md. Mahbubur Rahman

Laboratory Director

I am part of Praava’s team because I believe that the people of Bangladesh deserve a better health care system; with 17 years of experience in the industry, I can contribute to developing a system that guarantees everyone this very basic human right.