Praava Health was recently featured as a case study by two prestigious American institutions – Harvard Business School and Columbia Business School.

The just-published Harvard Business School case study, Praava Health: A New Model for Bangladesh,” was prepared by Senior Lecturer Michael Chu, with the assistance of Research Associate Kairavi Dey, HBS India Research Center, for Professor Chu’s “Business at the Base of the Pyramid” course. It describes Praava’s founding and path to future growth;

“Praava Health (‘Praava’) delivered high-quality in-clinic primary and specialist care, backed by its own high-quality diagnostic laboratories, imaging, and pharmacy. Praava was founder Sylvana Sinha’s response to what she saw as a broken healthcare system in one of the world’s most populous countries, unable to provide efficient, reliable medical attention to the majority of its population. Centered on the patient, it had a flagship state-of-the-art medical center in Dhaka, and digital channels, including Bangladesh’s first patient app, telemedicine, and e-pharmacy. Behind all this was a highly qualified medical, technical, and management team, made possible by equity investments of $11.1 million.”

The Columbia Business School case study, which was published in September 2021 and written by Adjunct Professor of Business Lorraine Marchand, is titled, Praava Health: Reinventing Healthcare in Bangladesh.” A summary of the cases notes:

“Founded in 2016, Praava Health’s ‘click-and-brick’ healthcare model combined digital tools with state-of-the-art outpatient care, lab diagnostics, pharmacy services, and trusted physician/patient relationships to create a new type of health service for Bangladesh’s growing middle class. When COVID-19 struck in 2020, Praava Health became the country’s first private provider of COVID-19 tests, accelerating its trajectory as Bangladesh’s fastest-growing consumer healthcare brand. Well positioned for even further growth, this case asks students to consider how the company should prioritize its future investments, with a focus on the following options: expanding its digital toolbox, moving into new cities, building up its lab diagnostics business, or advancing into altogether new fields, such as medical data analytics.”

Such case studies are used by professors to challenge their students with real-life business situations. In each instance, Praava Founder and CEO Sylvana Q. Sinha was asked by the professors to join the students in class as they discussed Praava’s business development and prospects for expansion.

Sylvana commented, “We are really honored that two such highly-respected business schools would feature the Praava Health model as a teaching tool. Every time I’ve seen the case taught, I am impressed by the students’ insights into our company and pleased that so many are excited to learn more about investment in emerging markets like Bangladesh. I hope Praava’s story of innovation and growth might inspire some of these students to work for change and the improvement of lives in a corner of the globe most in need of their talents.”

More information on the Columbia Business School case study can be found here, and information on the Harvard Business School case study here.

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