When was the last time you went to the doctor?


If we are being honest, most of us tend to schedule doctor’s appointments only when we have an existing health problem that needs solving. That is to say, most people have a reactive approach to healthcare rather than a proactive one. However, we don’t realize that health risk factors – which contribute to various diseases – exist all around us. Left unchecked, these factors might keep building up, often reaching an irreversible, unmanageable point and often very costly to handle.


The solution? Get regular health checks with a trusted healthcare provider. Read on for why you should make this into a regular practice.


Lowers the risk of getting sick and increases the lifespan

Regular health checks play an important preventative role in protecting you from different diseases, ranging from mild to severe. In particular, during full-body checks, you will be examined from head to toe to determine whether your body and mind are fit and fine.


For instance, many borderline conditions (i.e., one that has not yet developed but has a high chance of doing so) can be controlled through monitoring and preventative measures. This not only improves your health but also increases your lifespan by keeping disease at bay.

Reduces healthcare costs and saves time

The thought of a hefty medical bill is daunting to most of us – and waiting until the last moment to consult a doctor is often the cause of such high bills. For example, during a health check, your blood glucose levels are measured. If it is discovered that you have high blood glucose levels, this might be an indication of prediabetes. However, this is a condition that is handled easily, with a bit of care towards diet and exercise. As you can imagine, following a healthy lifestyle is much less expensive than paying for insulin – which diabetes patients require – for the rest of your life.


Not to mention, getting sick can disrupt your life significantly if it requires you to take time off from school or work. Staying ahead of any health scares can prevent this as well.

Eliminates disease progression

Some diseases might be difficult to treat and control if identified late (the most obvious example of such a disease is, of course, cancer). But with regularly scheduled physical examinations, it’s easier for your doctor to detect and identify early warning signs of diseases before they become dangerous or even potentially life-threatening.


Helps you make lasting lifestyle changes

With regular health checks, you’re not just getting to know about exposure to potential diseases but also the causes for it. Because health check packages – like the ones we have here at Praava Health – are comprehensive, encompassing a wide range of medical fields of study, you will be in contact with various specialists who can alert you to bad habits you need to eliminate.


For example, if you’ve neglected physical activity or have unhealthy food habits, there will be evidence of this in your blood and urine tests. Having this knowledge allows you to take the steps required to make the lifestyle changes that will keep illness and infirmity at bay.


Lets you take advantage of the latest health tech advancements

When you make health checks a yearly practice, you will be exposed to the latest medical technologies used to evaluate health. The future of healthcare is happening now, with rapid advancements in digital healthcare technologies. With each year, health tech is progressing by leaps and bounds, helping to identify and treat diseases faster and better.


Staying consistent with your health checks will ensure that you and your family can take full advantage of these health tech progressions.


What Kind of Health Check Package Should You Choose?

At Praava Health, there are numerous comprehensive Health Check Packages available, which are tailored to your age, sex, and in some cases, also your lifestyle. For example, younger people may need fewer screening compared to older people. Similarly, women also need a few additional tests, such as Breast Cancer Screening.


Besides, at Praava Health, you can avail of special packages for specific screenings such as COVID supplementary health check, cardiac screening, diabetes screening, diabetes check package, thyroid and hyperlipidemia package, home health check package, etc. The best idea is to consult a specialist who can guide you in choosing relevant health check packages for you and your family members.


You might be concerned that getting a health check is time-consuming and expensive, but this does not have to be the case. Contrary to popular belief, you do not have to travel overseas in order to receive advanced healthcare. At Praava Health, with our internationally accredited lab facilities and consultation services, you and your family can get the care you need right in your home soil. Not only is this more convenient, it undeniably saves you time and money. What’s more, you do not need to fear losing reports and prescriptions anymore. All your reports and prescriptions are stored in our super app, where you can access all updates with a single tap.

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