Praava Health aspires to be your trusted partner in health, empowering you to manage your health in a manner that is aligned with your values. The following core principles of ethical conduct represent values that support and serve this mission:

  • Honesty, trustworthiness, and integrity.
  • Respect for cultural, religious or spiritual beliefs.
  • Respect for property.
  • Respect for and adherence to the law.
  • Respect for the physical and emotional environment in which we work.
  • Personal responsibility and accountability for actions.
  • Stewardship of financial, human, and other resources.
  • Compassionate behavior.
  • Commitment to continuous improvement.

The ethical principles inform a Code of Ethical Conduct (“Code”), which specifies behaviors that all individuals who work at, or are affiliated with Praava (including its core staff, agents, consultants, and vendors) are expected to display. The code also applies to doctors, nurses, and other professional allied health staff who work at Praava. While the principles that underlie the Code apply to all personnel, certain portions of the Code are more frequently applicable in some disciplines than in others. Certain principles have direct application in clinical settings, while others are applicable to business or support activities.

All staff members at Praava are essential to our mission and are subject to the Code of Ethical Conduct. All professional staff members at Praava have additional ethical obligations that exceed legal and regulatory requirements by virtue of their professional training and because of their positions of responsibility. Professionals have responsibilities to those whom they serve, their colleagues, and the public.