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Dr. Raghib Manzoor, MBBS, DA

Senior Medical Advisor

I am part of Praava's team because Praava challenges the current health industry.

Dr. Manzoor is an anaesthesiologist trained in Bangladesh. He worked in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for over a decade. Upon his return to Bangladesh, he initially took an interest in critical care before working in emergency medicine. He developed the first ICU unit at Bangladesh’s Central Hospital and served as the Director and Senior Consultant in the Department of Critical Care and Emergency Medicine. As Managing Director of CritiCare Research Centre Pvt. Ltd., an organization focused mainly on Quality Health Care Management and the first professional EMS company in Bangladesh, Dr. Manzoor has revolutionized the concept of emergency medical services in his country. In 2007, Dr. Manzoor launched the Critical Care Foundation; in 2009, he developed the Bangladesh Society of Critical Care Medicine as Founder and Joint Secretary. In 2010, Dr. Manzoor launched the Bangladesh Society of Emergency Medicine. Its forthcoming residency program will establish ER medicine as a specialty. Dr. Manzoor also launched a cardio-pulmonary resuscitation training through the Institute of Healthcare Development, the only centre in Bangladesh certified by the American Heart Association (AHA). He is the local medical contact for International SOS Pte. Ltd., which caters healthcare services in 60 countries. Dr. Manzoor was an advisor to the City Group in the development of Asgar Ali Hospital, a 250-bed multi-purpose hospital recently launched in the old city of Dhaka. He was appointed as South-Central Asia Vice-Chair of the Asian Association for Emergency Medical Services (AAEMS) for the term 2015-2018.