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Dr. (Lt. Colonel) Md. Kabir Ahmed Khan, MBBS, MPH, FCGP, CCD, MCPS, FCPS

Consultant, Family Medicine

I am part of Praava’s team because I want to share my knowledge and expertise on family medicine and empower our community

Dr. (Lt. Colonel) Khan has over 28 years of experience working as a physician. He earned his Bachelor’s degree in Medicine and Surgery in 1986 from Rangpur Medical College and received his MPH (Public Health) from AFMI in the year 2000. He obtained his CCD (Diabetology) from BIRDEM in 2007 and later in 2009, FCPS (Family Medicine) from BCPS. Dr. Khan served in various military base clinics in Kuwait armed forces and Bangladesh armed forces. During this tenure of his career, he also provided outpatient services to troops and civilians in remote locations. Aside from being Praava’s Consultant Family Physician, Dr. Khan also serves as a Family Medicine Specialist in CMH in Dhaka.