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Sabrina Imam

Information Technology & Corporate Marketing Director

I am part of Praava's team because of our commitment to deliver high quality and reliable healthcare services by adopting cutting edge technology that ensures a superior patient experience.

Ms. Imam comes to Praava Health with more than ten years of work experience in the US IT industry. She has strong leadership, technical, and business qualifications with hands-on experience in new technologies, project management, and strategic planning. Upon completing her B.S. degree from the University of New Mexico, USA in Electrical Engineering, she joined IBM (International Business Machines Inc.) as a Software Engineer and worked in High End Disk Storage Systems serving American and European clients. She completed her MBA from the University of Arizona, and worked as a Project Manager at IBM, where she drove complex software and hardware development cycles into successful client deliveries. In 2014, Ms. Imam returned to her country of birth, Bangladesh, with a deep rooted aspiration to improve the lives of all Bangladeshis. While in Bangladesh, she worked as a Design & Innovation Lead, and Head of Partnerships Management at a Social Enterprise that was dedicated to resolving development barriers through technology. She led technical and strategic communication in a global consortium that includes Johns Hopkins University and WHO in developing a cutting edge open source-based health product aimed at empowering front-end health workers in Bangladesh. Ms. Imam's social work involves sponsoring underprivileged youth in her local community. She regularly contributes to humanitarian efforts during natural disasters in Bangladesh and across the globe.