My passion was always to be a doctor – a doctor who addresses patients’ worries, understands their needs, shares their anxiety, and listens to them. A doctor should not see their patients only for the health issues they describe but as a whole person. S/he should not just have medical knowledge, experience, and skills, but also exhibit empathy, compassion, and be non-discriminatory towards all patients. Only an institution whose values are aligned with that of the doctor is where s/he can provide the best healthcare for patients. Praava Health is that institution for me.

“The ‘good physician’ treats the disease; the ‘great physician’ treats the patient who has the disease” – William Osler. This quote really resonates with me and I have always tried to keep it in mind when seeing patients throughout my career.

I was the first family doctor at Praava and have been a part of this incredible journey from the very beginning. The pivotal part for me is when I can create a relationship with my patients. I would like to share a story of a family I have been treating. The mother had diabetes, hypertension, and chronic kidney disease, and had been under my treatment for a long time. She would say that half of her health always got better just after a consultation. Every time I called her to follow-up on her condition, she would instead pray for my health and wellbeing. She has sadly passed away, and her son had called to thank me for taking care of his mother and making her feel better through her difficulties. Even though I am very upset to know she is no longer with us, I am grateful that I have been able to help her through her journey. ‘Alhamdu Lillah’.

Our Founder, Chairman, & CEO Ms. Sinha dreamed of a healthcare facility that is centered around the patient, and one of the key players is the family doctor. Family doctors can manage 80% of all health-related issues that patients may face in the community. They also provide continuing and comprehensive healthcare for individuals and families across all ages, genders, and diseases.

Similarly at Praava, we provide care on an ongoing basis and we encourage our patients to be more in control of their health. We take time to listen to our patients, answer their questions, and ensure that they understand what is happening with their health.

The best thing about Praava is that we work as a team. All of us work together towards our common goal of providing the best healthcare experience to our patients and I am proud to be a member of this team.

From the beginning of this pandemic, we have been providing teleconsultations to our patients to encourage them to stay indoors and make sure they still get the care they need from the safety of their homes. After Praava got government approval for COVID-19 testing, we started with home sample collection for all our patients to reduce their risk of exposure to the virus.

Moving forward, we dream that Praava will grow to be the leading healthcare provider in Bangladesh and continue to serve our patients with the empathy and dignity that they deserve.

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