"Recognized in FastCompany’s 2020 World Changing Ideas Awards in the categories of Best World Changing Idea APAC and Developing World Technology, Praava Health is building Bangladesh’s fastest growing consumer healthcare brand."

Praava Health is a network of family health centers raising the bar for healthcare in Bangladesh with international quality doctors, diagnostics, and technology. We are building a better patient experience enabled by technology. We offer consultations with family doctors and a full range of diagnostics services, including laboratory and imaging. We envision a world class health care system that puts Patients first. Our first Family Health Center has already served thousands of Patients in Dhaka. Check out animation video introducing Praava Health.

We aspire to be Bangladesh’s trusted partner in health, empowering Patients to manage their health in a manner aligned with their values. We aim to establish the best healthcare company in Bangladesh. We are a small, impassioned, collaborative team that is inspired to build the best healthcare company in Bangladesh. We seek interns who are excited to help us to build, design, and communicate a new brand and a new concept of healthcare to a new market.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Provides financial leadership to the Praava organization, in collaboration with external consultants as required.

  • Facilitates CEO’s leadership in the establishment of the Praava brand of excellence, with a focus on financial process management.

  • Leads and drives vision of the Praava brand of excellence, with a focus on process management.

  • Presents and reports financial figures of Praava; financial projections and budget for Praava using historical data, facilitates the decisions of shareholders, creditors, management team and employees.

  • Keep a close eye on company schemes, health packages, and other revenue products & service items whether there is a profit margin given current volumes & value, and give the management team appropriate recommendations.

  • Leads economic forecasting and reporting on areas of efficiency/waste for future improvements to the growth of Praava.

  • Effectively communicates potential financial, liquidity and risk challenges to Praava organization.

  • Manage all cash management functions including cash concentration, wires, account funding. Ensure adequate liquidity for working capital needs and invest short term excess cash. 

  • Oversee cash management banking and financial institution relationships. Negotiate bank and service fees. Implement new bank technologies, products and services to improve cash cycle and simplify company operations.

  • Responsible for VAT and Compliance (timely deposit, return, certificate, statements, audit, correspondences etc)

  • Develops financial strategies by forecasting capital, facilities, and staff requirements; identifying monetary resources; developing action plans.

  • Identifies financial solutions to practice implementation barriers.

  • Supervises the collection and deposit to bank

  • supervises all cash entry after depositing to the Bank

  • Monitors the reconciliation of all collection with revenue

  • Monitors the fund transfer to ensure minimum finance cost and uniterrupted day to day financial operation

  • Participates in negotiations and decisions on Praava procurement, including with vendors and suppliers.

  • Works closely with the CEO to determine the capital structure of Praava, supporting decisions regarding the best mix of debt, equity and internal financing.

  • Conducts valuation of the company and provides financial reports to all stakeholders (investors, banks, governing body etc.).

  • Oversees, improves and guides financial processes within Praava.

  • Takes leadership in automation of financial processes to align with Praava’s Hospital Information System (HIS).

  • Ensure appropriate financial models are built into Praava processes.

  • Maximizes return on invested funds by identifying investment opportunities; maintaining relationships with the investment community

  • Promotes international, regional and local collaboration on a financial level to support the success of Praava.

  • Ensure all type of audits i.e. internal / external / statutory audits are monitored and all the observations are taken care of and process corrections are incorporated as per accounting norms.

  • Ensure that the company complies with all legal and regulatory requirements of the country and does the same when engaging in transactions with countries abroad.

  • Identifies when/where existing strategic policies and procedures conflict with financial realities and works collaboratively to resolve such conflicts.


  • MBA/ Honors/ BBA/ FCA/ FCMA (preffered) 

  • 10 years of working experience in relevant field

  • Make the world a better place: Every member of our team believes in her/his capacity to contribute to systemic change in healthcare in Bangladesh.

  • Be at the forefront of redesigning healthcare delivery: Praava has an incredible platform for impact, including through incorporation of value-based concepts that align our incentives with our Patients’ for a healthier future for our communities and our country.

  • Improve healthcare and health through evidence: We are investing in constantly evaluating the effectiveness and impact of our work.

  • Revolutionize healthcare through the concept of patient-centric care: Praava’s core values ensure that Patients are treated with empathy, respect and dignity. We are committed to creating an unparalleled healthcare experience and to change the perception of healthcare in Bangladesh. We are driven by the belief that clinical outcomes are actually improved when Patients are engaged in managing their health.

  • Join a diverse, energetic team: The Praava team is proud to have attracted a wide range of international and local talent, and we hope you can help us to expand this. The team is energetic, amiable, and helpful, and truly embodies a work family.

  • Be part of a rapidly scaling organization: By harnessing technology,data, and creative alternative financing models, Praava Health expects to offer world class health care to tens of millions of Bangladeshis.

Please email a statement of inquiry and resume with the subject “Head of Finance” to careers@praavahealth.com