There are many ways to support a COVID-19 positive Patient at home and also keep the rest of the family members safe and healthy. Praava Health’s Senior Family Doctor, Dr. Paramita Karim, shares how to support and take care of a COVID-19 positive Patient at home

According to international guidelines, a Patient, regardless of whether they have symptoms, should be placed in a well-ventilated single room, away from other members in the house to prevent the spread of the virus and be cared for by a family member who is in good health, with no previous health conditions. Caregivers should always wear masks when interacting with the Patient and wash hands with soap after every interaction. The Patient should also wear a mask as much as possible.

It is very important for the Patient to stay isolated. This means eating in separate rooms and not sharing any personal items, including dishes, glasses, bedding, or electronics, such as cell phones.

It is essential for both the COVID-19 positive Patient and family members to monitor their health closely. Pay close attention to changes in temperature and shortness of breath and report any changes to your doctor. If you or anyone in your household have trouble breathing, seek immediate medical attention.

If you or your loved ones want to talk to a doctor, you can book a video consultation with one of Praava’s family doctors. Or if you think you require testing, or if advised by your doctor, we are also doing COVID-19 testing for our Patients and you can book a COVID-19 test online.   

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