The novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has quickly changed our daily lives and Praava Health is doing everything we can to help during this public health crisis.

As part of our ongoing efforts to help contain the spread of COVID-19, we are now offering video consults with Praava doctors, as an alternative to office visits.

What is a video consult?

A video visit is similar to an office visit, only instead of traveling to see your doctor, you can video conference with them from your home. Via video conference, our healthcare professionals can assess symptoms, make a diagnosis, recommend treatment, and send you your prescriptions electronically.  

How can I schedule a video consult?

To schedule, please call 10648 during the hours of  8am and 10pm and request a video consultation. We are also working towards offering online scheduling for video visits in the near future.

Are video consults included in my Annual Membership Plan?

Video consults are included as consultations in all Annual Membership Plans. 

Can I schedule a video consult for a child?

Yes, video consults are available for children. 

How does a video consult work?

After you request a video consult through our call center, our team will share a Google Hangouts link and confirm the time with you. You’ll be able to join that link from your desktop/laptop computer. If you are logging in from your mobile/tab, you’ll need to download the Hangouts app from google play / app store.

Both you and our doctor will join the video consult through that link. The doctor will spend 15 minutes with you to discuss the problems you are facing right now and, if required, provide you with a prescription for testing and/or medication. After the consultation, your prescription will be uploaded to your patient portal, which you can access through our website or download from google play / app store.

You can also check out our easy step-by-step guide on how to do video consults with Google Hangouts.

What if I need an appointment and I want to see a doctor in clinic?

Before visiting  Praava, we strongly encourage you to book a videoconsult to assess whether it is necessary for you to see a doctor in clinic. Again, this is to protect you from the spread of the COVID-19 virus. In some cases, after a videoconsult, the doctor may suggest you make an in clinic appointment. Our flagship center in Banani remains open and serving patients.

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