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Dhaka, Bangladesh
31 August 2022

What is Praava Health?

Praava Health is building Bangladesh’s fastest growing consumer healthcare brand. We are raising the bar with a brick-and-click healthcare platform that combines digital tools with meaningful doctor-Patient relationships, quality diagnostics, and pharmacy services. In May 2020, Fast Company recognized Praava Health in its World Changing Ideas Awards. Praava’s work has also been featured by Forbes Magazine, Financial Times, NASDAQ, Tech in Asia, and Devex; and Praava won MIT Solve’s Bangladesh Tiger Challenge in 2019. Praava Health was selected by the Tamer Fund for Social Ventures at Columbia Business School as an inaugural portfolio venture, and was also selected by Alter Global as one of Bangladesh’s most promising new companies. Praava is a Patient-driven company that aims to be every Patient’s first call, seamlessly integrating quality infrastructure with technology to improve efficiency, accessibility, & scalability of the brick & click model. Praava is the combination of the words “praan” (life) and “aava” (beam) -- “beam of life” is a symbolic reflection of what we are building. We aspire to be Bangladesh’s trusted partner in health, empowering Patients to manage their health in a manner aligned with their values. We are a small, impassioned, collaborative team that is inspired to build the best healthcare company in Bangladesh. We seek interns who are excited to help us to build, design, and communicate a new brand and a new concept of healthcare to a new market.

Why Bangladesh is the Next Asian Tiger

Nearly 170 million people live in Bangladesh, making it one of the world’s most populous countries and densely populated markets. Bangladesh is also one of the fastest growing economies in the world and has been dubbed the next Asian tiger by the World Economic ForumThe Economist, and others. A dynamic, growing middle class of 40+ million people – 25% of the population – has already propelled Bangladesh to “middle-income” status. As income levels rise, health expenditures increase disproportionately. Middle class families demand and can pay for higher quality services. To learn more about Bangladesh’s healthcare system, check out pieces penned by the founder for the Strategic Review and the Council on Foreign Relations.

What will you be doing?

Key Responsibility Areas:

  • A phlebotomist must maintain a professional manner with other health professionals, especially with patients, who often are afraid of having samples taken from them. A phlebotomist should greet patients politely and show a friendly, sympathetic attitude to help patients relax. The Phlebotomist needs good communication skills to explain technical procedures in a way that laypeople can understand.
  • Phlebotomists must take precautions when handling samples to avoid injuries to themselves or patients and to prevent the spread of infection. They follow sterile procedures, washing their hands frequently. They must ensure proper doffing of PPE.
  • The phlebotomist collects test samples and delivers them to the lab. Before taking a sample, the phlebotomist must identify the patient by full name and date of birth. They must check the information given against the work order. 
  • Phlebotomists help to keep patient and lab records current. They must label samples with the patient's complete name, birthdate and identification number, and other information, such as the time and date of the collection. They are often also required to enter information about Covid samples and tests into a digital data entry system.
  • Collect and check invoices for patients.
  • Communicate with patients about the Estimated Time of Arrival.
  • Collect and re-check information provided by the patients in the patient information form.
  • Collect cash and prepare manual money receipts for same-day requests.
  • Coordinate with FDEs to settle bills after returning from the collection.
  • Handover the samples properly to the Lab department.
  • Coordinate and maintain communication with supervisors if presented with a difficult situation.
  • Work independently as well as in a team in the spirit of teamwork.
  • Performs all other tasks as required by the department.
  • Prepare patients for collecting samples according to guidance
  • Ask for a photo ID prior to sample collection.

What are we looking for?

Academic Qualifications:

  • HSC or Degree pass course or equivalent in the same level.


  • Minimum 0-2 years of experience
  • Preferably in the Healthcare industry experience

Why work at Praava Health?

  • Make the world a better place: Every member of our team believes in her/his capacity to contribute to systemic change in healthcare in Bangladesh

  • Be at the forefront of redesigning healthcare delivery: Praava has an incredible platform for impact, including through incorporation of value-based concepts that align our incentives with our Patients’ for a healthier future for our communities and our country

  • Improve healthcare and health through evidence: We are investing in constantly evaluating the effectiveness and impact of our work.

  • Revolutionize healthcare through the concept of patient-centric care: Praava’s core values ensure that Patients are treated with empathy, respect, and dignity. We are committed to creating an unparalleled healthcare experience and changing the perception of healthcare in Bangladesh. We are driven by the belief that clinical outcomes are actually improved when Patients are engaged in managing their health.

  • Join a diverse, energetic team: The Praava team is proud to have attracted a wide range of international and local talent, and we hope you can help us to expand this. The team is energetic, amiable, and helpful, and truly embodies a work family.

  • Be part of a rapidly scaling organization: By harnessing technology, data, and creative alternative financing models, Praava Health expects to offer world-class health care to tens of millions of Bangladeshis.

Praava Health is an equal opportunity employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability status, protected veteran status, gender identity, sexual orientation or any other quality protected by law.


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