Mohammad Abdul Matin Emon

Mohammad Abdul Matin Emon

Chief Product Officer

I am part of Praava's team because I find Praava to be an excellent organization where skills, knowledge, and diversity are greatly appreciated. Praava has a culture that is centered around the idea of ensuring higher quality in everything and I find my vision and values to be aligned with those of the company.

Mohammad Abdul Matin Emon is the Chief Product Officer. He leads the product functions of Praava ensuring that every product is delivered with the best in class patient-centric experience. He strategizes, designs, and drives processes from ideation to validation to development to launching of all products to ensure a great value and a good product-market fit for every clinical or tech-based healthcare product Praava launches.

Emon has over 25 years of experience. He has been in the senior leadership roles at multiple renowned multinational and Bangladeshi conglomerate groups. He also has an extensive entrepreneurial experience of more than 12 years and has co-founded, mentored and invested in a number of startups. He also teaches at the Institute of Chartered Accountants Bangladesh (ICAB) for more than 9 years. As a contribution to the field of health science and research, he has been an active member of the trustee board of Biomedical Research Foundation, Bangladesh since its inception in 2016. Prior to joining Praava, he was the CEO of Pulse Healthcare Services and was the co-founder and CEO of Doctorola Ltd. Emon studied at the IBA, University of Dhaka and at Pabna Cadet College.

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Mohammad Abdul Matin Emon
Mohammad Abdul Matin Emon

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