Praava Video consultation

To protect you from exposure to COVID-19, Praava is offering videoconsultations with our Family Doctors, Gynecologist, Nutritionist, Dental Surgeon, and Physiotherapist. The videoconsults are FREE if the consultation is included in your Annual Membership Plan. You can now call 10648 or book a videoconsult appointment separately by clicking the links below

Video Consultation - Family Medicine Doctor
Online promotional offer: BDT 720 (10% OFF)

Video Consultation - Obstetrician & Gynecologist

Monday - Thursday (3pm-8PM)

Online promotional offer: BDT 1080 (10% OFF)

Video Consultation - Nutritionist
Online promotional offer: BDT 720 (10% OFF)

Video Consultation - Dentist
Online promotional offer: BDT 900 (10% OFF)

Video Consultation - Physiotherapy
Online promotional offer: BDT 1350 (10% OFF)

How it works:

  1. Pay by clicking the buttons above
  2. After payment, our call center will call you to confirm your appointment time
  3. You will be shared a google hangout link through which you can connect with the doctor