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COVID-19: Message from Praava Health Chairman & Founder Sylvana Sinha

Across the world and at home in Bangladesh, as the global pandemic of the novel coronavirus continues to evolve, these are uncertain times. We at Praava Health want to share with you a personal message from our Founder & Chairman, Sylvana Q. Sinha. Ms. Sinha shares some important information on the COVID-19 pandemic, how the virus spreads and means of prevention, how Praava is caring for you and your loved ones, and above all, being good to ourselves and staying calm as we brave through this together.

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My Journey with Praava Health

Upon completion of my three years tenure with Praava Health, I am grateful to my patients and colleagues for their good wishes. I’m proud to be working with talented and committed co-workers in the Praava team who are dedicated to restoring trust in the healthcare sector of Bangladesh.

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What You Need to Know About the Flu and How to Stay Safe This Season

Flu season is right around the corner and this year we are facing it amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. The flu may not be seen as the same kind of threat as COVID-19 but for some, it can be just as deadly and up to 650,000 people around the world succumb to it every year. Preventing the flu is always important, but it is especially crucial now when we are already fighting COVID-19.

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