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Six years ago, my mother was hospitalized at one of Bangladesh’s top hospitals for a basic operation. We expected that the routine procedure would go smoothly, yet she suffered such dramatic complications that we nearly lost her. The most harrowing part of the experience was the doctor’s cavalier attitude. On my mother’s worst day, my sister and I desperately needed to understand why our mother was vomiting bile, but the doctor ignored our queries and walked out of the room. I distinctly remember chasing him up two flights of stairs to demand answers to our simple questions. His indifference to our mother’s suffering made us feel completely helpless. Eventually, our family had no choice but to take my mother to Bangkok, where she had a second surgery. A year later, she had to have a third surgery, all because of complications arising from the original operation.

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Opinion: How Health Care Systems Designed by and for Women Can Save Lives

Back in 2010, my mother was hospitalized for a basic operation in Dhaka, Bangladesh. We had no reason to worry. But when she suffered complications, the doctor did not seem to care what our family was going through. He dismissed my mother’s complaints, nearly missing important signs that complications could occur. I knew we had reached an impasse when I had to literally chase the doctor up two flights of stairs to get him to answer my basic questions.

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Praava is now Offering Videoconsults with Our Doctors

The novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has quickly changed our daily lives and Praava Health is doing everything we can to help during this public health crisis. As part of our ongoing efforts to help contain the spread of COVID-19, we are now offering videoconsults with Praava doctors, as an alternative to office visits.

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