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Praava is Here for You: We’re Testing for COVID-19

We know that things have been difficult during this pandemic - and how difficult it has been to get tested for COVID-19. We are very happy to share that we are one of the only private labs that has started COVID-19 testing for our Patients.

If you or any of your loved ones think you are infected by the coronavirus and want to get tested, please call our hotline 10648, send a message to our Facebook Messenger, or book online for a testing appointment. We can only handle a limited capacity of tests per day, so book your slot soon. (Charges apply.)

Your safety is our top priority and we have taken the following measures to reduce your risk of exposure:

Home Sample Collection

We are only collecting nasopharyngeal samples (by nasal swab) from home for testing. Patients with suspected COVID-19 will not be entering our facility to provide samples. 

Health of Teams

Our teams doing home sample collection maintain strict clinical protocols including wearing full personal protective equipment and other protective measures. They are also checked daily for symptoms to ensure that they are healthy before they go to your home. 

Separate Teams for COVID-19 Testing

Additionally, our team that is collecting home samples for COVID-19 tests is separate from the team collecting samples for other routine tests. This means that the team that goes to your house for sample collection for regular tests is not regularly exposed to the coronavirus or anyone infected with it. 

Remember, you can check out our COVID-19 webpage to access all of Praava’s COVID-19 tools and resources.  

Meanwhile, stay indoors and stay safe! 

Thank you for trusting Praava Health. 

Remember, at Praava you are more than just a Patient, you are family.