Praava Health hosts Continuing Medical Education event with Dr. Shahed Alam from Noora Health

AUGUST 04, 2018, DHAKA, BANGLADESH – Praava Health hosted a Continuing Medical Education (CME) event on Saturday, August 04 at 5pm at Praava Family Health Center in Banani. The event featured Dr. Shahed Alam, Social Entrepreneur and Co-Founder, Noora Health, Bangalore, India. Dr. Shahed spoke about design thinking in healthcare and Noora Health’s extraordinary work in family caregiving.

Praava Health is excited to share the expertise of Dr. Shahed Alam with the medical community in Bangladesh. Design thinking in healthcare is an approach to better understand the struggles of patients in their journey of receiving healthcare. It is a creative and human centered approach which leverages empathy and repeated testing to tackle complex challenges. Design thinkers deeply try to understand patients’ experiences before coming up with solutions. Family caregiving comes hand to hand with design thinking as patients’ families and relatives are educated and trained on how to take better care and ensure speedy recovery. Noora Health has trained more than 200,000 family members to become skilled caregivers and has reducing post-surgical complications by 71%.  

"We at Praava Health are inspired by the work of Noora Health, as we apply design thinking to all of our efforts to build a better patient experience,” said Ms. Sylvana Sinha, Founder, and CEO of Praava Health. “We hope to see Noora and others bring similar solutions to address the challenges of improving healthcare outcomes in Bangladesh.”

"At Praava Health, we aspire to provide the best medical outcomes for our patients with a focus on preventive health, and Noora Health’s impressive work in design thinking and family caregiving has certainly been an inspiration for us," said Dr. Simeen Akhter, Senior Medical Director of Praava Health. “It is great to see a young Bangladeshi doctor doing such impactful work.”

“A primary purpose of hospitals, clinics, and the healthcare system is to not only treat a medical condition with the right medicines and surgery, but to educate and train the patients and their families on how to properly care for themselves and heal at home. However, in a busy system, this purpose can easily be lost. We at Noora Health look forward to beginning our programs that focus on this purpose and that have been proven to improve the patient experience and allow them to live healthier and longer. We are thrilled to be serving the patients of Bangladesh soon. We also thank Praava Health for inviting us to come speak at a CME event in their beautiful clinic in Banani” said Dr. Shahed Alam, Co-Founder of Noora Health.

About Noora Health:

Noora Health seeks to empower families of patients with high-impact medical skills making them an important part of healthcare delivery. Noora taps into the most compassionate resources available for the patient's care - the patient's own family - turning these worried family members into skilled caregivers. Noora's program has received support from the Indian state governments of Karnataka, Punjab, and Madhya Pradesh and from large healthcare companies such as Narayana Health and Manipal Hospitals. In a cohort of patients, the program reduced post-surgical complications by 71%, increased the number of highly-satisfied patients by 40%, and decreased unplanned hospital readmissions of newborns by 40%. Noora Health was in FastCompany's list of top 50 Most Innovative Companies in the World, and has been supported by TedX, Forbes, Ashoka, World Health Organization (SIHI), Stanford, Duke and many large philanthropic foundations including Mulago, Draper Richards Kaplan, Echoing Green, Jasmine among others.